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Menschenskinder! - Ich bin von Kopf bis Fuß auf Wickeln eingestellt (2010)

The joys and sorrows of raising children are themes that have been frequently explored by comedians and cabaret artists. But Ball & Jabara have precisely refined them into a refreshing cabaret mini-musical. Pop classics like Sex Bomb [from Tom Jones] as well as the Can Can from Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld are set to music with tremendous lust and vigor, which is ultimately a prerequisite for successful reproduction.
 (Munich Abendzeitung)

What Ball & Jabara deliver together is humorous, brisk, gratifyingly free of moralizing and quite virtuosic. This high-quality cabaret evening called Menschenskinder! shows the buzzing, droning, cooing and primeval roaring of Franziska Ball, who suffers from "new mother anxiety", while pampering the pianist Jabara for retaliating with explosive cascades of sound and wonderful songs.
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)
Play It Again, Ray (2007-2011)

…Marty Jabara had the excellent band in the palm of his hand.
(Hohenloher Zeitung)

...Marty Jabara's musical arrangements evoked spontaneous cheers from the audience.
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

…accompanied by the fabulous band under the direction of Marty Jabara.
(Wolfsburger Allgemeine Zeitung)

...supported by strong bandleader and Ron Williams' "piano double" Marty Jabara, creating musical milestones with drama, emotion and wit.
(Weiden Zeitung)

…on stage was the first-class band under the direction of Marty Jabara…

A great live band…with Marty Jabara at the keyboards…created an intoxicating sound.
(Der Westen)


Chanson d'amour fou - Die kleine Meerjungfrau (2008-present)

With an effective combination of narration and song, actress Franziska Ball captivated the audience, sensitively accompanied at the piano by Marty Jabara.
 (Westphalen Blatt)

Marty Jabara steals you away, shifting smoothly from French chansons to gypsy melodies.
(Gocher Wochenblatt)


Wild Women Blues (1998-2008)

Marty Jabara is probably the only bandleader in the world who, on “Route 66”, can do five things at the same time: give cues, play the piano, conduct dynamics, turn pages and dance to the beat.

(Hamburger Abendblatt)

In addition, the instrumental septet, under the direction of the phenomenal pianist, composer and arranger Marty Jabara, demonstrated all of its capabilities with this tribute. True blues produces thousands of text and cliché variations for Jabara as he passes through the entire circle of fifths. He even manages to casually put on his jacket during an uninterrupted piano tremolo while giving cues to the horn players. 
(Die Welt)

It's a straight-ahead concert by the three terrific singers with a great seven-piece band behind them…The versatile pianist, organist and arranger is Marty Jabara, and Robert Kyle shines on harmonica...

(Audiophile Audition-CD review)

Linda Hopkins, the show's senior diva, summed it up Wednesday. "I'm not braggin'," she told the jubilant, give-it-up crowd. "We are hot." Hopkins , an impish 77, shares the stage in the Dallas Convention Center with singers Maxine Weldon and Mortonette Jenkins and a sizzling orchestra led by pianist Marty Jabara.

(Dallas Star-Telegram)

The orchestra, directed by Marty Jabara, is impressive. It is a treat to listen to true musicians…

(Paris Spectacles Sélection)

The opening piece, Wild, Wild Women, composed by the arranger, leader and pianist Marty Jabara, offered ample opportunities to the singers to express themselves with strong solos and outstanding harmonies.

(Rheinische Post)

…the excellent seven-piece band always plays with verve in the foreground.

(Hamburger Abendblatt)

King of Jazz:  Satchmo

Crucial to the evening's success were the musicians under the direction of the well-known pianist Marty Jabara…The audience applauded and stamped their feet to thank the performers for an unforgettable and fascinating musical evening.


… the live band under Marty Jabara…was skillfully crafted and precise in style...With tight sequences and perfect arrangements - sounding incredibly present and balanced without being obtrusive - the six musicians spoke directly to the heart of the audience.

(Schwäbische Zeitung)

Marty Jabara's unwavering arrangements hit the bull's-eye. This band consists of absolute professionals…Jabara playing furiously at the piano, on saxophone and clarinet, the sublime Herb Geller...

(Wormser Zeitung)

The band, under the direction of Marty Jabara, created an whirlwind of inspiration with "What Is This Thing Called Swing?"…The public showed their passion for the piece with a fury of applause and standing ovations.

(Espelkamper Zeitung)

The brilliant six-piece band under the direction of Marty Jabara carefully created the precise sound. Whether Charleston, ragtime, blues or swing, Jabara's arrangements wove an authentic music panorama of the period.

(Augsburger Zeitung)

…the outstanding band under the direction of the arranger Marty Jabara created a perfect musical soundscape, like in the old days when things were not fake and everything was real.

(Hanauer Zeitung)

Marty Jabara created a kaleidoscope of Armstrong's legendary hits and film numbers showing his life through his work. With tight jazz rhythms, whether lyrical or exciting, the musicians carefully create a blues sound.

(Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung)

Marty Jabara has produced a truly American piece for the stage. Suave but also precise, this entertaining piece always maintained its edge.

(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Der geschenkte Gaul (2004-2009)

Bandleader Marty Jabara, sitting at the grand piano…wrote masterful arrangements for 26 original Knef songs for the musical, as well as a few beautiful original compositions. A toast for the superb musicians in the band!

(Brunsbüttler Zeitung)

A team of great singers and actors, an eight-man band for the lively arrangements of American Marty Jabara…
Arranger Jabara and his band create a jewel, with sparkling and shimmering flute cascades…the ensemble creates a true and touching picture of both a courageous woman and a great artist.

(Schweinfurter Tagblatt)

…and the first-class musicians, under the direction of Marty Jabara, received a standing ovation from the audience.

(Augsburger Allegmeine)

The Theatergemeinde Volksbühne presented a successful production...under the first-class direction of pianist and bandleader Marty Jabara and his octet…

(Ruhr Nachrichten)

The bouncy swing music, coming from the marvelous pianist and bandleader Marty Jabara and his band, was in the best hands.

(Lingener Tagespost)

..the outstanding band (Musical director: Marty Jabara) blends well with the ensemble…

(Westdeutsche Allegmeine)

Excellent, also, was the eight-piece orchestra under the direction of Marty Jabara, which accompanied the revue with snappy rhythms.

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