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CD: The Source
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The Source
is a compilation CD of new songs that feature the eclectic musicianship and evocative lyrics of songwriter and producer Marty Jabara.
He has invited nine friends to share their talent as vocal soloists as he adroitly integrates his insightful lyrics with an innovative array of musical influences from sizzling R&B to mellow jazz to pulsating world beat to funky blues. His penetrating and reflective texts explore themes of love, trust, spirit, redemption, transcendence and fine dining. The Source invites you to enjoy...

the raw edge of Lynn Coulter on the title track The Source

the electrifying gospel of Niki Haris on Spirit is Calling

the rich and heartful vocals of Mortonette on Quiet Mystery of Love

the inspiring Jan Roper on Hope Lives

the subsonic spleen-vibrating rumblings of studio wizard Randy Crenshaw on Let Me Burn

Angela Carole Brown sharing her smoky alto magic on the ballad When I Take My Time

Tony Award-winning blues legend Linda Hopkins cooking her New Orleans-style Gumbo

the soulful intensity of Sean Holt on Trust Your Self

16-year-old vocal prodigy Chelsea DiBlasi singing about young love on Homage

What is the Source?

It is the deepest place within each of us:
the home of the Self, the Soul, the Spirit.

The Source is where we
discover our divine essence;
the place where we choose
truth over fear,
trust over doubt,
hope over despair.

This CD is an invitation and a celebration:
discover the art and heart of
human nature in The Source.

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The Source

Lynn Coulter

Spirit is Calling

Niki Haris
Quiet Mystery of Love

Hope Lives

Jan Roper
Let Me Burn

Randy Crenshaw
When I Take My Time

Angela Carole Brown

Linda Hopkins
Trust Your Self

Sean Holt

Chelsea DiBlasi
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